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End-Term Review of the Lesotho Water and Sanitation Sector Programme under EDF-9

The overall objective of the review is the assessment of impact and sustainability of the programme components with regard to its purpose, objectives, results and activities and means.

The consultant will provide the following services:
The review will provide specific feedback about the sustainability of the Programme, expressing critically and impartially its opinions i.e. to what extent the programme has been able to achieve its objectives. It will also assess the effectiveness of the monitoring system in place and the quality of the set of indicators in use.

The review will result in:
1. An assessment of problems identified and of the projects’ objectives against their physical and policy environment;
2. An assessment of the monitoring and supervision arrangements for the projects and of the indicators adopted;
3. An assessment of whether and how cross-cutting issues were sufficiently considered;
4. An assessment of the sustainability of the activities and results;
5. Best practices in response to problems and issues occurred and having hampered the full success of the programme;
6. Lessons learnt useful for future interventions and support to the sector.

Year : 2013

Client : AIDCO DIRC / CE Brussels

Sponsor : EuropeAid

Partner : SAFEGE