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"Baseline"study and the follow-up and the evaluation system of the project with the institutional and operational support to 3 agencies of river basins.

Operational and institutional support project for three river basin agencies (A3ABH)from the BTC in Morocco concerns the three ABH (Souss-Massa-Draa, Loukkos and Moulouya).

The main tasks assigned to the mission "Baseline" were the followings:
1.Establishment of reference situation of the intervention fields of the A3ABH project.
2. Review and adaptation of the logical framework of the DTF.
3. Review of the indicators proposed in the DTF and proposition of additional indicators.
4. Information of basic values and target values for these additional indicators (and intermediate values if realistic).
5. Proposal of an M & E system for the project and the modalities for the collection, processing and interpretation of information.
6. Establishment of a process risk management plan of the A3ABH project.

Year : 2014-2015

Client : Belgian Technical Cooperation Agency

Sponsor : Belgian Technical Cooperation Agency