Burkina Faso

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Support for DGRE for the formulation of a national post 2015 program (2016-2030) of the Drinking Water Supply (PNAEP)

The overall objective is to develop, following a concerted and participatory approach, a National Programme for Water Supply (PNAEP) in 2030 to achieve the goals set by Burkina Faso in the matter.

The specific objectives of the mission are:
1) Make an inventory of EAF in Burkina Faso (baseline);
2) Define the proposed objectives and strategies;
3) Propose a coherent and relevant investment plan for the development of the water service;
4) Develop an operational action plan in line with the guidelines of the program budget;
5) Propose all accompanying measures capable of enabling program success (resource mobilization strategy, communication plan, environmental and social management plan, monitoring and evaluation system);
6) Submit the program steering framework;
7) Develop the National Drinking Water Supply Program in 2030.

Year : 2014-2015

Client : DANIDA

Sponsor : DANIDA

Partner : COWI