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Lake Chad Basin Regional Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of natural resources and Energy efficiency LCB-NREE

Formulation of 6 co-financing projects between the GEF and AfDB in the field of preservation of natural resources and energy efficiency in the Lake Chad region.

This mission allowed the baseline data collection and the definition of conservation activities in biodiversity and natural resource management. It provided the basis on which the six major projects have been developed so that strategies and measures can be implemented. PPG phase is essential to identify and improve the measures envisaged and ensure the project and the program according to the guidelines of the GEF Trust Fund.

The four component of the program were as follow:
1) Promotion of transboundary water governance, water use efficiency and sustainable livelihood strategies
2) Preservation of ecosystem goods and services
3) Knowledge mobilisation for Wetland Biodiversity and Water Resources
4) Monitoring of surface water quality and quantity and the exploration of ground water resources.

Year : 2013-2014

Client : African Development Bank (AfDB)

Sponsor : African Development Bank (AfDB)