Hydro RDI - Bureau d'études hydraulique international - Presentation


Dedicated to life’s most precious

HYDRO-R&D International is a consultancy firm specialised in all aspects of water resources management, working worldwide with internal expertise.

HYDRO-R&D International
delivers independent consulting services using all relevant knowledge on technical, environmental and human aspects to implement our customer’s vision in the most successful and sustainable way, on time and within budget. We build our expertise within our own core competencies and provide through our international network an access to both the most experienced and innovative human and technical resources available.

People are a priority for HYDRO-R&D International and therefore our solution are tailor made to suit individually our client, each assignment being a unique opportunity for innovation with all necessary flexibility. Attention to details is a constant concern.

Our mission is to offer a high quality, professional and international service, for the research and development of water, its protection and management, economically and environmentally.

HYDRO-R&D is established since 1995 and grew to become HYDRO-R&D International in 2007.